Eva's Tarot deck review

Eva's Tarot is a tarot deck created by the artist Eva Aus.

Each card is worked out in detail and drawn, felt by the author.
The deck follows Waite's system but is clearer, more modern, and easier to read. Eva Aus very accurately conveys the meaning of each arcana.
The deck contains 79 cards. As the 23rd major arcana, the card Eve is added, which symbolizes life itself. An unusual and interesting idea, in my opinion. The suit of the wands turned into candles, and the swords became feathers.
The set includes a book with a description. According to the information in the book, it is felt that the author created this deck with love.
Here's some description of tarot cards:
  • 2 candles — what to choose, what to prefer? Where to go? Climb to a height and look at the situation from above. Not a simple map, but how exactly its essence is conveyed!
  • 8 candles — the girl is running, but the look. An instant! Stop! It's amazing how the author

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