Eva's Tarot deck review

Eva's Tarot is a tarot deck created by the artist Eva Aus.

Each card is worked out in detail and drawn, felt by the author.
The deck follows Waite's system but is clearer, more modern, and easier to read. Eva Aus very accurately conveys the meaning of each arcana.
The deck contains 79 cards. As the 23rd major arcana, the card Eve is added, which symbolizes life itself. An unusual and interesting idea, in my opinion. The suit of the wands turned into candles, and the swords became feathers.
The set includes a book with a description. According to the information in the book, it is felt that the author created this deck with love.
Here's some description of tarot cards:
  • 2 candles — what to choose, what to prefer? Where to go? Climb to a height and look at the situation from above. Not a simple map, but how exactly its essence is conveyed!
  • 8 candles — the girl is running, but the look. An instant! Stop! It's amazing how the author conveyed the essence of this also difficult card — «speed-pause», «action-inaction»
  • 6 candles — who is this? the lucky one who caught the blessed fire, or the perfumer?
  • 2 pentacles — it is inconvenient to lug two suitcases, which suitcase to throw away and which one to leave? I want to leave two, but how to carry them? crow or owl — wisdom or wisdom? — damn, this is the classic plot of the two of pentacles — the choice.
  • Tower — disaster, accident, apocalypse, nuclear explosion… and a girl with a bear. «Life is liberating itself, embracing new territories, painfully breaking down barriers, and possibly dangerous, but this is a form of life and it is before us. This form of life will find its way.»
  • 8 of bowls — going into the unknown, leaving the past behind, but in the past, there is a lot of good things, cups are rich with stones. What are you willing to give up for the sake of success? What are you willing to pay with?
  • 2 feathers — a choice without a choice, two identical alternatives — two stacks of books, two catchers, two telephones. I was so dug in my thoughts that I could not see anything around, not even a cat on her head.
  • 3 feathers — torn out heart. No, I just have no words, all this must be seen!
The cards are of high quality, made of thin, dense, and resilient cardboard, heavy, crumbling themselves when shuffled. The box is solid, quite compact, it is convenient to take out cards. The book in the kit is also plump, a description of each arcana in different spheres of life is given, without unnecessary aspirations and emotions, it is suitable even for beginners, respect to the author for the content.
These cards exceeded all my expectations. The deck is very, very successful, if not the most recent. I did not expect that for such little money you can get a deck of such a decent quality. Thick box, original bright images, even cutting, convenient size of maps, full-fledged manual with values from the author.
This tarot deck will be a great help in viewing love affairs and relationships in general.
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  • 25 декабря 2020, 00:52
  • lenkas

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